Landlords: Getting it right for students

With 88 per cent of University students (1,180,185*) currently living in privately rented accommodation, there is a huge audience for student landlords to capitalise on. The days of roughing it in ‘digs’ are long gone, so it is important for landlords to understand what turns students on in terms of housing, if they are to secure tenants.

A recent survey of over 1,100 students by leading online student accommodation finding service,, reveals that students rank big bedrooms and kitchens with ample surface space at the top of their wish list. Buy-to-let landlords wanting speedy signings should take note of the results when embarking on their property hunt.

Aside from space, students want to live close to the University Campus. 36 per cent of those surveyed confirmed that this is ‘crucial’ while not far behind on the credentials is cheap rent. Almost a third (27 per cent) insist that cost is a deal breaker as money is so tight for them …

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