UK student housing update following A-level results day

An update on the demand outlook for the UK student housing sector following the release of this year’s A-level result for students in England and Wales. The new academic year presents a chance for the student housing sector to resume following the disruption caused by the pandemic in March.

The latest set of A-level results are expected to trigger an active period for the UK student accommodation sector as students race to secure tenancies for the upcoming academic year. The sharp increase in applications between January and June has led to a 2% increase in UK applicants this year, while participation rates are at their highest level on record amongst UK 18-year olds. This goes against the underlying demographic decrease amongst this age group in recent years and defies predictions of the impact of COVID-19.

As of 30th June 2020, UCAS data showed that over two thirds of applicants had still not confirmed their final offers, a 10% increase in unconfirmed places compared to 2019/20. However, the first clearing data shows that UK acceptances are up by 2.9%, while non-EU acceptances are up by 2.0%. Although EU acceptances have fallen by 15.2%, overall acceptances on A-level results day are up by 1.9% year on year …

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