Unite Students: Student survey

Students’ mental health hit by Covid-19, but majority say university life has positive effect

·    77% students struggled with mental health and wellbeing as a result of Covid-19, but 84% say engaging in university life has been positive for their mental health

·    Students biggest challenge this year is the lack of face-to-face teaching, practical experience or facilities

·    Traditional face-to-face university experience is key for students: 86% are keen to get onto university campus once it is safe to do so; 75% agree that living in university accommodation and being on campus is as important a part of the University experience as lectures and tutorials …


In a survey of 2,000 students, carried out for Unite Students by Yonder Data Solutions, university students say the two biggest struggles as a result of Covid-19 have been the lack of face-to-face teaching and practical experience (79%) and their mental health and wellbeing (77%).