Student housing in Italy: current fears and future opportunities

As a new academic year approaches, a wave of excitement builds among thousands of students who are on the brink of embarking on their university journey. The 75 universities in Italy are working tirelessly to prepare for the arrival of first-year students and to welcome back the returning members of the student community. This community is brimming with enthusiasm to step foot on campuses once again, forging connections with new acquaintances and reuniting with old friends. Italy maintains its status as a dynamic hub for students, boasting exceptional universities nestled within vibrant, student-centric cities.

The Italian university system enrols a substantial 1.8 million students, among whom 54,900 represent the international student body. Furthermore, Italy proudly holds a spot in the top three destinations for those opting to enrich their education through the renowned Erasmus+ program, with a remarkable 53,022 students choosing Italy as their study destination in 2021 alone. Consequently, the commencement of the academic year is poised to unite this diverse array of students, infusing vitality into university campuses and urban landscapes throughout Italy.

However, reality has arrived to sour this optimistic perception, as the new beginnings that unfold are not always free from stress for some. This is particularly true for the numerous newcomers who find themselves grappling with the challenge of securing suitable housing in order to establish themselves and commence their fresh academic journey …

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